Defensive Pistol

Defensive Pistol

This course is approximately four hours in length that will be conducted on the range. There is no classroom portion for this course and all instruction will be taught using EDIP (explain, demonstrate, imitate and practice) platform teaching. This course is not a basic course and the student is expected to know how to shoot prior to attending. This course is designed for those who carry every day and who want to learn the combat mindset necessary to survive a violent confrontation.

Must be 21 years of age or older
NRA Basic Pistol Course or equivalent pistol training. Must provide proof.

Course Goal:
To teach the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to carry and use a concealed pistol ethically, responsibly and with confidence.

Course Outline:
Lesson I: Basic principles of concealment
Lesson II: Drawing and presenting a pistol from concealment
Lesson III: Mental Awareness
Lesson IV: Developing a proper mindset
Lesson V: Introduction to Pocket Pistols

Students are required to provide:
A pistol that they are comfortable with, three magazines or speed loaders, a minimum of 250 rounds of ammunition, hearing and eye protection, a strong side holster, concealment garment, and a pen or pencil with note pad to take notes.

All course materials, range time, and targets will be provided by Teaching Defense.

Course Note:
This course will be taught outdoors. Please dress accordingly and prepare for any weather situations.

Course Rates:
Individual fee – $125.oo
Group Rates- Contact us

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