Personal Protection Outside the Home

Personal Protection Outside the Home

This course is a multi-day course and is for experienced shooters. The first day of the course is the basic level of personal protection outside the home and consists of nine hours classroom and range time. Day two is the advanced block of training and will consist of five hours of range time. Students may choose to take only one portion of the course at a time. However block one must be completed prior to attending block two.

Prior to attending Personal Protection Outside the Home students are required to have taken and completed the NRA Basic Pistol Course, NRA Personal Protection In the Home, show a thorough knowledge of gun safety and handling, and have an appetite to learn.

Course goal:
To develop in the students the basic Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude essential to the safe and efficient use of a firearm for protection of self and family, and to provide information on the law-abiding citizen’s right to self-defense.

Course Outline:
Lesson I: Introduction to Concealed Carry Safety and the Defensive Mindset
Lesson II: Introduction to Self-Defense and Concealed Carry
Lesson III: Legal Aspects of Concealed Carry and Self-Defense
Lesson IV: Carry Modes and Concealment
Lesson V: Presenting the Pistol from Concealment
Lesson VI: Presentation, Position, and Movement
Lesson VII: Special Shooting Technigues
Lesson VIII: Sport Shooting Activities and Training Opportunities
Lesson IX: Course Review and Examination

NRA Basic Pistol Course and the NRA Personal Protection in the Home course. (have proof of certificate for both courses)

Students are required to bring:
A pistol that they are comfortable with, two spare magazines or speed loaders, a minimum of 250 rounds of ammunition, hearing and eye protection, a strong side holster, concealment garment, as well as pen or pencil with paper to take notes.

All course materials, range time, and targets will be provided by Teaching Defense.

Personal Protection Outside the Home is a pre-register class and a non-refundable fee of 75 dollars is due prior to the course date.

Course Rates:
Block One and Two-$200
Block One- $150
Block Two- $75
Group and private rates are available.

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