Texas License to Carry (Online)

Texas License to Carry (Online)

This is a four hour online course designed to teach the required curriculum pursuant to Texas State Code §411.188. This online course is approved by the state and contains the mandated classroom training you need in order for you to obtain your Texas License to Carry. This course is designed to be completed by you at anytime and anywhere you wish. You can do the course on a computer, smartphone or tablet at your own convenience. You will have six (6) months to complete the online course. Once you start the program you will beable to save your progress, this allows you to pick up the course right where you left off. Upon completion of the online course, the LTC-101 is immediately available for download.

Must be 21 years of age or older prior to applying through the state.

Course Goal:
To educate students on the responsibilities and laws applicable to handgun license holders in the state of Texas.

Course Outline:
Lesson I: Laws that relate to weapons / use of force
Lesson II: Safe Storage
Lesson III: Non-violent dispute resolution
Lesson IV: Handgun use and safety (including use of restraint holsters)

Students are required to:
Complete the proficiency demonstration with a certified LTC Instructor after the successful completion of the online class. This is a requirement set by the state of Texas for anyone wishing to apply for their LTC.

Course Rates:
Online class – $60.00
Online class and range proficiency – $70.00

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